Wait, what? Female Sexual Dysfunction is real? – Part 2

In the previous article we looked at the ‘types and the conditions that cause Female Sexual Dysfunction (FSD).’ Thanks to modern medicine, there are treatments available for almost every dysfunction, disorder or diseases in the domain of women’s sexual health. We further chatted with Dr Sharmila about the treatments available for FSD and here is what she had to say –

SAY: How often are you able to point out to a particular cause which may have caused FSD in the female?

Dr. Sharmila: Now that is something that comes with experience but it also depends on the openness of the patient. If she is rigid about not speaking about her difficulties, problems, then no one can help her.

SAY: So, what are the treatments available for FSD?

Dr. Sharmila: A female needs to understand her own body and its responsiveness. FSD has many causes and their treatments vary accordingly but we as doctors first try to understand their aim and goal out of their sex life. What sort of an outcome does the patient want? As I said earlier, communication with the partner is very important and must be had before going to any doctor.

There are two types of treatments available:


Lifestyle Treatment for FSD

A) Lifestyle Treatment:

  1.   Communicate with your partner openly. Start discussing your likes and dislikes, provide feedback but in a non-intimidating way as it would help in getting intimate and comfortable with your partner.
  2.   Practice healthy lifestyle habits. Smoking and drinking in women needs to be regulated as it blunts the sexual responsiveness
  3.   Being physically active increases stamina, elevates the lady’s moods, enhances feelings and reduces stress.
  4.   Make time to relax and de-stress.
  5.   Understand your body and accept its changes. Understand what makes for a healthy sexual response. The more the lady and her partner know about the physical aspect of each other’s body, the better they will be able to find ways to ease the difficulties for her.
  6.   For the body and the vaginal area to loosen up and to do away with the dryness, usage of simple water-based lubricants is recommended instead of lotions or oils or ointments.                                                                     

B) Medical therapies    


  1.   Estrogen Therapy: This therapy comes in the form of creams and tablets to improve the vaginal tones, elasticity and vaginal blood flow for enhancing lubrication.
  2.   Androgen Therapy: Androgens involves testosterone. It plays an important role in healthy sexual functions in a woman as well as in a man. However, women have much lower levels of testosterone in them. Studies have shown that women with low testosterone levels who have developed sexual dysfunctions can benefit from this therapy.
  3.   Addyi: In 2013 a new drug was approved by the USFDA called Addyi which was initially developed as an anti-depressant, but it has also proven that a daily pill of Addyi will boost sex drive in a woman who experiences low sexual desires and find it de-stressing. However, there are some side-effects to this pill such as low blood pressure, sleepiness, fatigue, dizziness especially if the drug is mixed with alcohol. Do not use it without consulting your Doctor.

An important point that Dr. Sharmila states that “nothing is permanent. Our bodies are ever changing and we need to accept all its changes and demands. Sex is not for pre-creation or recreation. It’s an important lifestyle activity.”

To conclude this insightful interview with Dr. Majumdar, we asked her to give us a quote on caring for our sexual health and answering the call of our sexual desires, to which she said, “Sexual health and sexual well-being is our right which is also one of the paths to a healthy and a dignified life. Denying it and refusing it to others is cruelty. It’s a biological need which is created by the nature herself. So people should not be ashamed about it, but feel beautiful, since it is a beautiful act.”

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