11 Types of Condoms To Spice Up Your Sex Life

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If there is libido in the air, a scent of naughtiness and sex drive in the eyes, then there isn’t much to stop two consensual adults to jump into bed and get some action. Well, except for one thing – lack of protection. Known by different names, condoms arguably the most well-known barrier used in modern days to avoid pregnancy and STDs. Been around since the 16th Century – that is one whole century before the library, sexbots favourite spot, was invented.

Well, in today’s day and age, it is not fair to put condoms on the protection only bracket. With creative varieties ribbed, dotted and extra thin, condoms can also be a valuable addition to your sex game. Hassle free and fun!

Now that you are completely sold on the idea of awesome condoms, here we present to you, a list of few varieties for the next moment!

Condoms come in different textures, shapes, sizes, materials, aromas, colours and flavours.



Now, latex is the most commonly used type of rubber in condoms and is effective about 85% times to prevent pregnancy. They are also the most reliable to prevent sexually transmitted diseases. Also helping is the fact that they are widely available and the least expensive!


And if using latex condoms is giving you a dreadful itch, you just might be allergic to latex or polyurethane. Thank the mankind, for there are other kinds as well. Non-latex condoms have a soft natural feel that conforms to the skin similar to latex. They are thinner, stronger, and tend to have a less constricting fit which offers stimulation and further enhances pleasure. You can choose extra lubricated, non-lubricated non-latex condoms.

Condoms can really boost your sex life.

There are many types of condoms available to suit your needs


Remember how we told you there were condoms in the 16th Century? Well, they were probably lambskin condoms. The most natural condoms ever made, Lambskin condoms have been around since the Roman Empire! They are made from the intestinal membrane of a lamb. Currently available in India as a premium product, they are not the most reliable as they fail to protect against sexually transmitted diseases because they consist of small pores. Plus, they are not as effective as latex condoms in preventing pregnancy.


For those who don’t want to leave any speck of doubt behind, fret not. Spermicidal condoms are equipped with a gel that kills sperm cells after ejaculation. This is an excellent precaution in case your condom breaks. Rubbers with spermicide offer double protection and prevent sexually transmitted diseases.


Obviously, you had this one coming. but if you still have no idea how this works, a female condom is a contraceptive device which blocks the sperm from entering the uterus. It also protects against unwanted pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections. This female condom is a soft, loose fitting pouch with a ring on each end.


Putting in a bit of whimsy has never hurt anyone. On that thought, we introduce the tantric style condoms – herbal and incense scented to increase your fantasy and put you in the ambience of an ancient love ritual. These condoms have a tattoo-inspired texture for increased pleasure and an easy-rolling flared shape for added comfort.


If smooth sailing isn’t your idea of pleasure, some splendid scientists invented textured condoms with ribs, studs, dots, and protruding edges. These types of condoms are shaped and designed to increase pleasure for either the female, the male, or both of the partners, depending on where the raised ribs and studs are.


As the name implies, these condoms are very thin. Thickness chart ranges from the thinnest at about .0016 inches with the thickest being .003 inches. That is as ‘skin-to-skin’ one can get, without actually being so. Perfect for couples who are not fond of using condoms during sexual intercourse.


The flavour may be contained in the lubricant or coated on the condom. These types of condoms are meant to add another dimension to oral sex. These condoms provide protection and strength and are available in latex and non-latex variants.


Lo and behold, for there also are condoms with special lubricants such as spermicidal, natural, antibacterial, anaesthetic, cooling and warming gels. They can be extra lubricated to avoid vaginal drying. In these condoms, lubrication is twice the normal amount and helps prevent friction and pain.


Pretty self-explanatory and brilliant for Halloween night, there are condoms that glow in the dark. They are designed with three layers namely, a middle one with phosphorus pigment, an inner layer and outer latex layer. They are Food and Drugs Administration approved and equally effective to put some play into your sex routine.

It does take some time and practice to decide which condom works for you the best. However, it is always better if you bring in a bit of play and mischief in bed to make the experience much more pleasurable. So try them and thank us later!

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