Vagina-plomb! 9 Self-care practices to keep Ms Vee-Vee in the pink of health

By Bhakti Paun Sharma

We do a plethora of stuff to keep our face and body in perfect health; glowing, perky, and shining. But, what do we do down there to keep the honeypot or Ms Vee-Vee, sizzling hot? Don’t be shy, for the first step to sexual care is to recognise and respect your sensuous and sensitive parts. Scream out all the sweet synonyms you have in store for your vagina, for it ain’t a dirty word.

Similarly, as you embrace your Ms Vee-Vee, consider giving it a care similar to that you give to your other body parts, inside out. With evolution at its peak and more and more women opening up with the advent of feminism in the digital era, there are many options to pamper us down there. Some of them are, laser treatments, crystal eggs, bluetooth menstrual cups, and even ‘vajacials’ (yes, facials for the vagina). However, there are some easy tips to follow as well.

Bye-Bye douching


Here’s a fact that you may not be aware of. While you may think otherwise, your vagina is constantly washing itself. So, there is actually no need to fill it with water, vinegar, or any other liquid. The secretions in your underwear may be annoying, but they do not indicate a lack of hygiene. Secretions are normal, healthy physiological functions. Also, douching often does more harm than good. Vaginal douches can kill the good bacteria, or Lactobacilli, which maintain the pH.

Clean your Vulva


While the vagina has a self-cleansing process, the vulva, i.e. the outer part of your genitals, including the lips, needs a thorough wash. Your folds of vulva can be home to bacteria, and even accumulate oils and dead skin, hence needing a regular cleaning. However, do take care while washing. A mild soap and gentle hand strokes should do the trick.

Use soap just once a day


Rinsing your vulva with a mild soap just once a day is enough. Do not match the frequency with multiple showers. You also do not need to rinse your vulva with soap after every sex session during the day. Too much usage of soap can rip the natural oils off the skin, thus doing more harm than good.

Choose a well-fitting sex toy


We kid you not! Masturbation is great. It allows you to relax, to discover, to fantasise, and much more. Toys can really help improve the pleasure experience during masturbation and you can find them in all shapes and sizes. Choose the one that best fits your vaginal anatomy. The trick is to find what makes you cum, by exploring with your fingers, and then buying a toy that can help you do it better.

Find a good lubricant


You need to be lubricated for masturbation and intercourse. It helps prevent micro-tears in and around the vagina, and prevents infections. Usually, the vagina lubricates itself when you’re sexually excited, but sometimes it’s not enough. The lubrication may also be scarce because of certain hormonal issues or medicinal drugs. This is where lubricants come into play. There are basically three types of lubricants, of which water-based ones are the safest choice, as silicone-based ones can damage toys, and oil-based ones can destroy latex condoms.

Bust those bath bombs


Soaking in the tub is so relaxing. So why not add a bubble bath bomb to make it colorful, fragrant, and perfect for Instagram? Well for starters, your vulva and vagina probably do not like soaking in all those perfumes for hours. Bath bombs and bubble baths can destabilize the pH of your vagina, which can make you more prone to irritation and infection. Does that mean you should get rid of your supply? No, but try to limit bubble baths to once or twice a month, and never use bath bombs if you already have pain or irritation in this area.

Ditch tight underwear


Choose a fabric of comfort over style when you buy your underwear. For instance, cotton will always be cool whether you wear a thong or panties. They should fit you well and should not be tight. If your vulva and vagina are not ventilated, you may be more prone to fungal infections.

Trim, shave, replace


If you shave your pubic hair, use a clean, new razor and replace it every week, or every two weeks depending on your usage. If you prefer to use wax, have it done in a salon you trust and carefully exfoliate the pubic area before waxing. Use intimate wipes sparingly as the perfume or scents on them can lead to irritation.

Show some love and acceptance


Accept your vulva the way it is and don’t fall into the trap of set standards of beauty. Beauty comes in all shapes, sizes, and colours, and is unique to everyone. Your vulva is special to you, and you don’t need to ‘tighten’ it or ‘rejuvenate’ it, no matter who says what.

This Maysturbation, shed the shame and embrace the wonders your vagina has to offer, your way.

Feature image credit: Sharon McCutcheon, Unsplash

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