Women’s sexual health


By Bhakti Paun Sharma

The big day has arrived! The day you’ve been preparing for so long, when you can finally slip into that dream wedding dress of yours, the moment when you say ‘I do’ for the next seven lifetimes. Post the flurry of traditions, is the time for some sensuousness; just the two of you, surrounded amidst serenity. Thus starts your eagerly anticipated honeymoon, kickstarting from the wedding night itself. However, are you prepared to entice your better half? Fret not, for there lingerie that will do the deed while hubby dearie swoons over you.

Choosing lingerie can be a difficult task but not an unachievable one. Just keep in mind your comfort level and the lace and frills that you’d like on your body so that you can transform into a sexy goddess for the man who is now yours. Rest, we’ll help you out as we suggest a few options which will surely add the oomph element to your seduction department.

  1.     Shed the bridal bouquet


Surprise your man with the sexy lingerie that hides beneath the coy bridal trousseau that you have otherwise been decked with. Again, keep your comfort level too in mind. Cosy yet sexy, it’s not that difficult to find. You can choose a gorgeous lace bra and panties in his favourite colour, matching those up with a garter belt and stockings.


  1.       Spice it up


Who said the surprise should be over on the wedding night? Bring on some flavour onboard your honeymoon cruise too. All it would take is something as simple as a lace bodysuit, some pair of naughty panties, lacey babydolls, and your man would swoon around you.


  1.       Unleash the beach babe


Everybody is a bikini body. So pick that dream bikini off the counter and pack it up. Whether on the beach or indoors in your private Jacuzzi, trust us when we tell you the sun and your hubby both will have a hard time turning away from you. Oh, and match it up with a hat to repel the unnecessary tan.

  1.       Bring on the bralette


Bralettes are style statements in themselves; inside the bedroom or out of it. Pair these fancy and alluring bralettes with front open shirts or transparent tees and get the temperatures soaring and mister panting to keep up with the hotness.


  1.       Go multi-way with bras


Ditch the boring bras out bring in those with multi-straps or even ones with removable straps. Also, did you know that there are places where you can get jewelled and studded straps? Play with the multiple bra-ways that are at your disposal, combine the fashion and seduction aspects, on your honeymoon spree.

Bonus tip: Pair it with matching pantyhose.


  1.       Do your thang with the thong


Tie-up thongs not only look sexy but are also more comfortable than the panties. Not to mention, easier to get rid off too, if you get the drift. *winks* Pack a few, and maybe do an impromptu striptease.


  1.       Disrobing with a panache


Dress your wet dreams with a robe; whether a good-old bath one or a lacy one to match your raunchy plans. Opt for some hot colours and watch your man melt before your eyes.


  1.       Bare it from the front!


Front-open bras are not that common but are a boon in disguise if you look at it that way. Not only are these super convenient, but also are too sexy in the way they flick open at the front. Your partner will surely thank you for it, as he will unwrap the present you are.


  1.       Stock up those stockings


A pair of sheer stockings, coupled with heels, beneath your favourite LBD that accentuates your curves. It’s enough to drive your man crazy. Maybe, you won’t go out for that dinner after all.

  1.   Babydoll diaries


If nothing, you can always pack in the reliable babydoll. Leaving nothing to imagination yet everything to action, this is lingerie which will pop your partner’s eyes out.

Expert Speaks: Does masturbation affect a person’s virginity?

By Bhakti Paun Sharma

Masturbation, specifically female masturbation, is a territory less explored and mostly forbidden. As a result, there are many myths that cloud over the clear picture. One of the most common one, for instance, is whether one remains a virgin after masturbating. The question is really not surprising given the honour that is placed on a girl’s virginity in the Indian sub-continent. As the month of Maysturbation kicks off, we at She & You have decided to carry the baton of clearing the mist around the mast of pleasure; all with the help of experts.

So coming back to the topic. Let’s re-frame the question Will the hymen remain intact after masturbation? We consulted Sexologist and founder of Infinity Clinic, Delhi, Dr. Anuneet Sabharwal, MD Psychiatry and he had some interesting this to share with us on the matter.

Rest easy, women, for masturbation does not affect your hymen in anyway, if at all that matters much to you. Female masturbation, in most cases, targets the clitoris and not the vagina. Also, contrary to the popular opinion, the hymen doesn’t determine whether or not you are a virgin. You can have an intact hymen but not be a virgin. You can also be a virgin and yet have a torn hymen (by the introduction of a tampon, a finger, vigorous exercise, or an accident). So, if you need to know if your hymen is intact, get it examined.

Culturally, we have often attributed a symbolic value to virginity; and usually, it is the first sexual relationship that determines the end of it. Masturbation, therefore, has nothing to do with it. The hymen, a thin membrane attached to the walls of the vagina immediately behind the vaginal opening, is very different in shape, elasticity, and thickness, and also differs from one woman to another. Also, did you know that some girls are born without hymen?

There are numerous circumstances that may lead to the tearing of hymen and subsequent loss of virginity. In some women, it perforates more easily than others, according to the characteristics of their hymen (types of perforation, flexibility or rigidity, thickness). Regarding the insertion of a finger into the vagina (by a partner or by the woman herself), different scenarios are possible. The hymen can remain intact, be partially perforated, or more rarely, be torn. It can be accidentally torn during a fall or through vigorous exercise too. Sometimes the hymen is so elastic that it does not break even after several such episodes.

On the contrary, it can happen that certain sports activities, such as cycling or horseback riding, can lead to tearing of this membrane. Of course, the use of a tampon or masturbation can also cause it to break but are not the sole reasons. Hence, the rupture of hymen is merely a symbolic and cultural reference to virginity.

All being said and done, masturbation really has less to no connect with the loss of hymen and virginity. However, we are in the 21st century. It is high time we got off the horse of purity and virginity, and stopped considering sex a taboo or even a benchmark of a woman’s character. Women are much more than a mere stain on the bed sheet, post the wedding night.