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It’s a breastfeeding week and breastfeeding is an important part of menstrual health and hygiene of women. So, here’s a poem by Karmjeet Singh, dedicated to all the doting soon to be or at presently mothers in the universe.

It’s the breastfeeding week that has come our way,

Rejoicing moments for mothers i would say,

With this years theme is about empowering parents,

Let us make malnourished mothers fully nourished,

Breastfeeding is the one of the pure joy that every mother wants to ensure,

Because the love of the her through the milk she passes to her baby actually breastfeeds the to him or her absolutely pure,

We feel so blessed to experience that love,

Because there are many who are Still beloved,

Let’s recall our nascent days,

When we were breastfeeded in our days,

The smile on mothers face can make anyone heart race,

Because mothers are after all the Gods sent grace,

With worlds Breastfeeding week About to celebrated in 120 nations,

It was first celebrated in 1902 by WORLD ALLIANCE FOR BREASTFEEDING ACTION,

To encourage Breastfeeding & improving the health of babies,

With first six months being the motto of Breastfeeding for the new born babies,

It should start within an hour when a baby is born,

Till the till it’s six months is on,

With WHO working with UNICEF to promote family friendly policies,

Lets us make the soon the be mothers or doting mothers life full of blossoming flowers,

So that our purpose of enabling Breastfeeding can empower the soon to be parents so that they can live like enlightening stars.


Orgasms are very important for women’s sexual health, so here’s a little sex education for you and your partner. Cross your heart and tell us – have you had that perfect sexual encounter with your man till date? You might have done it a jillion times, but have you had such awesome sex, that you were blown away and cried for more? If he knows how to give you that orgasm, you’re  – OMG – lucky. But if not – well, get in line.

Men. Sigh. How do we tell them what women want – it’s a bit embarrassing to spell out where he needs to nip, and where he needs to kiss right? Some get it right, but a lot of them have a lot to learn. And unfortunately, due to lack of right sex education and over-dependence on porn, men have it all wrong. So if you can’t tell him upfront, you can share these open secrets with him, and then thank us when you have ‘the best sex of your life’!

Ok, boy, this is for you now

THE EPIC TIP : Make love, not sex

make love

Women don’t appreciate it if you want to get into her pants sooner than a wink. It’s selfish, it’s not making love. Sex is a two-way street, a dialogue. Making love is a far more intimate process and it is not just about penetrating into her.

The to-do tip: Women do take a long time to get ready, for dates and in bed ;). So, go slow! How? We will tell you.

a) Slow and Steady, Win the Pace
First of all, don’t be in a hurry. Don’t think about it all day, don’t excite yourself too much in advance or set the expectations high for yourself. The pressure might build up and when the actual time comes, you won’t be as spontaneous. So start slow, cuddle together for a bit, let the feelings build up. And once you both are charged up, you probably don’t need candles or candy to do the job. Try matching her rhythm and pace, and getting her turned on first. And how do you do that? Coming up next…

b) Kiss And Shake-Up

Your kiss says a lot. It’s the starting point of sex. Make it special. Shake her up with that gentle, warming touch. Nibble at her lips first, don’t be carnivorous. Not all of them like bite marks and sore lips the next day! Then take it as it comes, go with her response. A lot of women don’t like the French style of kissing where you salivate and thrust your tongue into her, so check out her reaction or her reflexes and be conscious of it! After your kiss, make love to her from top to toe – literally. Need help knowing what to do? Read on!


c) Foray into foreplay

Use your natural instincts to make love to her and indulge in a lot of foreplay – enjoy her body, rub your lips and hands to caress her everywhere. After a while, allow her to do things to you as well. Once you have been generous with her, women love to make love back to men as well, instead of him being on the driver’s seat all the time. Trust us, you will enjoyyyy it. That’s called foreplay, my friend, and here are some more tips for that magical foreplay.

d) Seven, Seven, Seven!


Did you know that women have seven erogenous spots? So kiss her gently there (please don’t bite – its painful and annoying to say the least, unless she really likes it.), touch her, massage her in these spots. This will make her feel wanted and loved, which is a definite turn on. For instance, women love it when you slowly turn her back towards you and kiss the sides of her neck. Drooool.

e) The big O

So you are halfway there. (Whoever said sex was not hard work? Good morning, all the porn you watched last night was hogwash.) Look into her eyes, give a half teasing smile, and then go down on her. Try lubricate her by gently giving her oral sex, or try inserting two finger gently into her vagina. That should be a nice start to climax. Turn on your back and let her turn you on. And whenever you are ready, go for the climax. You both will know when the time is right – Enjoy the rhythm, the orgasm, the moaning and the orgasm.  And orgasms are, we repeat, important for women’s sexual health. Hang on, you are not done yet…

f) The Afterplay
You thought once you come, you can wash yourself, and leave or snooze off? Yes, it is tiring once you come, but that’s a good time to relax and cuddle more. The afterplay is as important as the foreplay, so play well guys. It’s important that you don’t make her feel like a waste wipe, and that after sex, you leave her alone in bed. Speak with each other, hug, lie around to regain your energy.

We can share a dozen more tips on how to have the best sex with your lady, but for now, this is good sex education. Remember, these tips are a great for women’s sexual health.  So have a happy sex life!

Sex Facts – Decoding The Emergency Pill

Knowing when to use emergency pills

The sun is piercing through the window waking you up and the flashes of a wonderful night run past you. However, try as you may you just can’t remember one crucial detail in the hot love-making last night – protection! After all, you were pretty distracted. Frantically, you call all your girlfriends for damage control. And invariably all of them will refer you to the one old trick – the pink pill.
The sun is piercing through the window waking you up and the flashes of a wonderful night run past you. However, try as you may you just can’t remember one crucial detail in the hot love-making last night – protection! After all, you were pretty distracted. Frantically, you call all your girlfriends for damage control. And invariably all of them will refer you to the one old trick – the pill.

What is it?

The ‘After morning pills’, also known as emergency contraceptive pills, have been the saving grace for many women who have no intention of being faced with an unplanned pregnancy. The effectiveness of the pills depends on how soon you take them post unprotected sex. Sooner you take, higher the chances to prevent a pregnancy. It is advisable to take a pill within 72 hours of unprotected sex can prevent pregnancy.

In India, popular brands like I-Pill and Unwanted 72 have taken a lot of effort to establish themselves as a reliable source to confirm pregnancy.

However, do note not to confuse them with normal contraceptive pills. There is a reason they are called emergency pills, girls.

Moreover, these pills are available over-the-counter without a doctor’s prescription and are widely available. Most probably a squeamish chemist’s assistant would wrap it in a brown paper for you. Nevertheless, it is always better to consult a gynaecologist before popping one.

Here are a few facts you should be armed with before you decide to have an emergency pill.

1. Emergency Contraceptive (EC) pills are not abortion pills. They can stop pregnancy but will not to terminate it. They are highly ineffective if you are already pregnant.

2. Do lay importance to the word, Emergency in EC pills. EC They cannot be used as a regular contraceptive method and can result in severe side effects if taken more than twice a month.

3. Also, it is imperative to take these pills within 72 hours after unprotected sex, the effect wane out if taken later.

4. EC Pills check pregnancy by preventing ovulation or fertilization or implantation of the fertilized egg.

5. If you are worried about contracting STDs, we regret to inform that EC Pills do not offer any protection against them.

6. In the case of any long term medication for any ailment, it is best to clear it with your doctor before taking a pill.

7. EC pills are an authorized emergency contraception measure. They have no long-term or fatal consequence. However, there are temporary side-effects like irregular menstruation, nausea, sore breasts, lower abdominal ache, bloating, headache and vomiting. These effects normally don’t last more than a few days.

These pills, although not claiming a hundred per cent effectiveness in the issue, does seem to be a widespread practice. Even then, we would always preach to be safe and practice protected sex rather than rely on emergency pills later. As they a say, a stitch in time…