Sex Facts – Decoding The Emergency Pill

Knowing when to use emergency pills

The sun is piercing through the window waking you up and the flashes of a wonderful night run past you. However, try as you may you just can’t remember one crucial detail in the hot love-making last night – protection! After all, you were pretty distracted. Frantically, you call all your girlfriends for damage control. And invariably all of them will refer you to the one old trick – the pink pill.
The sun is piercing through the window waking you up and the flashes of a wonderful night run past you. However, try as you may you just can’t remember one crucial detail in the hot love-making last night – protection! After all, you were pretty distracted. Frantically, you call all your girlfriends for damage control. And invariably all of them will refer you to the one old trick – the pill.

What is it?

The ‘After morning pills’, also known as emergency contraceptive pills, have been the saving grace for many women who have no intention of being faced with an unplanned pregnancy. The effectiveness of the pills depends on how soon you take them post unprotected sex. Sooner you take, higher the chances to prevent a pregnancy. It is advisable to take a pill within 72 hours of unprotected sex can prevent pregnancy.

In India, popular brands like I-Pill and Unwanted 72 have taken a lot of effort to establish themselves as a reliable source to confirm pregnancy.

However, do note not to confuse them with normal contraceptive pills. There is a reason they are called emergency pills, girls.

Moreover, these pills are available over-the-counter without a doctor’s prescription and are widely available. Most probably a squeamish chemist’s assistant would wrap it in a brown paper for you. Nevertheless, it is always better to consult a gynaecologist before popping one.

Here are a few facts you should be armed with before you decide to have an emergency pill.

1. Emergency Contraceptive (EC) pills are not abortion pills. They can stop pregnancy but will not to terminate it. They are highly ineffective if you are already pregnant.

2. Do lay importance to the word, Emergency in EC pills. EC They cannot be used as a regular contraceptive method and can result in severe side effects if taken more than twice a month.

3. Also, it is imperative to take these pills within 72 hours after unprotected sex, the effect wane out if taken later.

4. EC Pills check pregnancy by preventing ovulation or fertilization or implantation of the fertilized egg.

5. If you are worried about contracting STDs, we regret to inform that EC Pills do not offer any protection against them.

6. In the case of any long term medication for any ailment, it is best to clear it with your doctor before taking a pill.

7. EC pills are an authorized emergency contraception measure. They have no long-term or fatal consequence. However, there are temporary side-effects like irregular menstruation, nausea, sore breasts, lower abdominal ache, bloating, headache and vomiting. These effects normally don’t last more than a few days.

These pills, although not claiming a hundred per cent effectiveness in the issue, does seem to be a widespread practice. Even then, we would always preach to be safe and practice protected sex rather than rely on emergency pills later. As they a say, a stitch in time…

10 Foreplay Ideas Your Boyfriend Should Know About

By Preeti Juneja

As the legend goes, a person thinks about sex or something related to it, every 7 seconds. That is not a small amount of time, ladies, and gentlemen. So it is safe to assume, most of us really like doing it. And if you like us, and can’t wait for the next time, you should meet our friend – foreplay. One of the most recommended tools to enhance your sex life, we bring to you 10 foreplay tips and you can thank us later for an unforgettable night with your girl!

  •  Get Dirty With Your Talk

Foreplay doesn’t need to be physical. Perhaps you can whisper naughty ideas for the bedroom before you go in. The trailer before the actual session can bring the excitement up several notches!


  • Give Her a Sensual Massage

Figure out her erogenous zones and gently massage those areas. This will help her relax and get her in the mood. Start with the nape of her neck and go all the way down to her knees!

  • The Lip and Ear Formula

Bite her lips slowly and sensually and gently pull them to turn her on. Remember, the softer and gentler you are, the more she’s going to love it! Her ears are extremely sensitive so spend some time kissing and licking them. Breathe gently into her earlobes while your fingers you play with her lips!


  • Don’t Be Predictable

Who doesn’t love surprises! Try undressing her slowly and kissing her entire body along the way. Unhook her bra with just one hand and watch her be pleasantly surprised. The trick is to read her responses and improve each time!

  •  Multitask, Multitask and Multitask!

Multitasking is not only for the boardroom, try to implement it with your girl as well. Use your tongue, hands, fingers, and feet together to touch her in different places. This will surely get her to moan for sure!

  •  Going Down Is A Part Of Foreplay

Now, here’s a classic. If you haven’t hit the jackpot with either one of the above, we are ready to reveal the winner to you. One of the best foreplay tips is to lick her clitoris with the tip of your tongue. Start gently and keep increasing your tempo if you notice her liking it.

  •  Get Kinky

If your sex life needs some naughty spice, think creative! Perhaps you can get a pair of handcuffs, dress up for roleplay or indulge in sexy music or strip dance for her! Think out of the box and you’ll be surprised at the response!

  •  Perfect that Gaze

Eyes are the gateway to the soul, they say. Look your girl in the eye while making love and experience another level of pleasure. Even during foreplay, keep coming back and look her in the eye to make her feel special.

  • Make her Beg!

Kissing unexpected areas or licking her inner things are ways to drive any woman wild. Remember to move up without touching her vagina for maximum effect!

  •  Master the art of kissing

Women love passionate kisses throughout lovemaking so don’t withhold your affectionate pecks. Your act will be thoughtful and if you do it right, she might just return the gesture!

 So, in case you think it is just some red wine and roses to guarantee your partner’s satisfaction, think again. Try these foreplay ideas on her and watch those sessions get hotter day by day!

Why Sex is Good for Relationships


No, not everyone knows why sex is important in a relationship. For some it’s simply a ‘must-do’ ritual by now. For some it’s more about pleasure or the feel-good factor of having a fling or affair. For the married ones, it’s a baby-making formula after a few years.

But sex is much more than a physical need, guys. We are sexual people, most of us. We feel the need, we need the feel. It is an adhesive to help keep a couple stay in love, for that ‘majboot jod’. So let’s talk about it and see why sex is goooood in a relationship:

The chemical un-locha of sex:

Sex is so much beyond the mere act of pleasure. It is all about the good things like love and romance as well! It makes you feel complete, happy and helps develop that oh-so-intimate bond with your partner!  

Good sex would mean a chemical jumble which gives a happy high, which is important for any relationship – be it a marriage, affair or a live-in. And it IS one of the means to happiness and content in a relationship. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

Get high on good, safe, sex, not drugs

Do you feel an ecstatic high after a sex session? If not..phhtt…you need to talk to your partner about it. Or consult an expert. If yes, ever wonder why? The answer lies in your chemicals. See, the act of good sex releases endorphins (those feel-good hormones that enhance your mood). So, a  couple of such mood boosters a week, and you have the perfect formula to get that chemical happy-high. And know what? All this happiness may rub off on your partner, making him/her happier and cheering up your life!

The Feel-Good Touch

Also, sex is a way of manifesting human touch in different forms. The kind of touch varies according to mood, occasion and so on. In fact, touching a loved one releases these good chemicals too. After all, who doesn’t like a loving caress? Or the wild turn-on? Or the lovey-dovey cuddle. These acts of touchy love gets that wonderful intimacy going. It’s a special feeling that makes you crave for your partner, physically and emotionally.

What Sex Does

  • Sex is way beyond mere physical intimacy and hormonal juices. It creates a connection between minds.
  • Promoting physical intimacy creates reassurance of togetherness and a deeper understanding of each other.
  • It fulfils the basic human need of being wanted and needed. A psychological bridge is built on the foundation of intimate moments, establishing a comfort beyond belief.
  • A healthy sexual relationship between partners does wonders for both partner’s self-confidence and build a positive self-concept!

You don’t have to make a jungle book of your kama sutra stunts, but definitely go wild whenever and wherever you get a chance. As they say, “You don’t have a dirty mind, you have a sexy imagination! So go, sex up your sex lives, stay happy.