Spice up your sex drive with these 6 daily foods!

There are foods that can boost your immune system, there are foods that can help you lose weight and then, there are foods that can actually gear up your sex drive! But before we educate you on what foods can help you pace the sex drive in your bedroom, we want to tell you something very important. Sex life cannot be improved with food alone. We heard Chef Sanjeev Kapoor mention at a conference on sexual health that “a healthy life means an active mind and a healthy body.” Consumption is not just what [food] goes into our mouth, but also what we feed our minds. He explains this with an example of news like Murders, rape, suicide to government scams, etc., these too have a negative effect on our minds.

While there are foods that have natural elements sure to boost your mood, let’s also be mindful of what we are feeing our minds. Make sure you feed your mind with lots of positive, fun and relaxing stuff and pair it with the below 6 simple and easily available foods that can boost your innate desires and you will be unstoppable. Now wouldn’t that be a helluva experience. *wink*

1. Watermelon and Pomegranates:
These fruits which bear the colour of passion and desire – red, help increase the blood flow to the penis strengthening erections. Even though these fruits are considered as cooling agents during summers, they can certainly heat up things in the bedroom or wherever you want.


2. Bananas and Apples:
An actress is often shown eating bananas to create a sultry mood whereas apples are taken to be sinful fruits. But did you know, these everyday foods strengthen muscles making your vulva and penis stronger and healthier?

3. Greens:
Just like a green salad can help you reduce weight, they are also mineral – rich. Minerals also decrease inflammation in blood vessels leaving you cramp-free. What more can a lady ask than a hitch-free session?

4. Onion, Garlic and Ginger:
Almost every Indian dish is incomplete without this divine trio – onion, garlic and ginger. These are said to contain the love drug which when consumed can perform jobs such as thinning of the blood which can make blood circulation better to the delicate parts.


5. Meat:
Meat is packed with proteins and is a suggested food when you want to lose those extra pounds, but oyster, salmon, sardines and tuna spike the dopamine – a brain chemical that increases desire and chicken and beef can treat erectile dysfunction.

6. Dark Chocolate and Wine:
A classy combo of passion and lust, dark chocolate and wine are the orgasmic foods that boost the mood hormone called serotonin. It reduces stress and makes one’s orgasm easier. So next time your partner complains about eating too much dark chocolate or drinking too much wine, just smile and let your performance speak for you. *wink*

Now that you know that the foods responsible for losing weight are also helpful in boosting your drive, well go ahead and enjoy every bit of the above foods. Also tell us if you know any more foods that can help in boosting one’s sex drive, down in the comments. Happy eating to you!

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