Why Sex is Good for Relationships


No, not everyone knows why sex is important in a relationship. For some it’s simply a ‘must-do’ ritual by now. For some it’s more about pleasure or the feel-good factor of having a fling or affair. For the married ones, it’s a baby-making formula after a few years.

But sex is much more than a physical need, guys. We are sexual people, most of us. We feel the need, we need the feel. It is an adhesive to help keep a couple stay in love, for that ‘majboot jod’. So let’s talk about it and see why sex is goooood in a relationship:

The chemical un-locha of sex:

Sex is so much beyond the mere act of pleasure. It is all about the good things like love and romance as well! It makes you feel complete, happy and helps develop that oh-so-intimate bond with your partner!  

Good sex would mean a chemical jumble which gives a happy high, which is important for any relationship – be it a marriage, affair or a live-in. And it IS one of the means to happiness and content in a relationship. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

Get high on good, safe, sex, not drugs

Do you feel an ecstatic high after a sex session? If not..phhtt…you need to talk to your partner about it. Or consult an expert. If yes, ever wonder why? The answer lies in your chemicals. See, the act of good sex releases endorphins (those feel-good hormones that enhance your mood). So, a  couple of such mood boosters a week, and you have the perfect formula to get that chemical happy-high. And know what? All this happiness may rub off on your partner, making him/her happier and cheering up your life!

The Feel-Good Touch

Also, sex is a way of manifesting human touch in different forms. The kind of touch varies according to mood, occasion and so on. In fact, touching a loved one releases these good chemicals too. After all, who doesn’t like a loving caress? Or the wild turn-on? Or the lovey-dovey cuddle. These acts of touchy love gets that wonderful intimacy going. It’s a special feeling that makes you crave for your partner, physically and emotionally.

What Sex Does

  • Sex is way beyond mere physical intimacy and hormonal juices. It creates a connection between minds.
  • Promoting physical intimacy creates reassurance of togetherness and a deeper understanding of each other.
  • It fulfils the basic human need of being wanted and needed. A psychological bridge is built on the foundation of intimate moments, establishing a comfort beyond belief.
  • A healthy sexual relationship between partners does wonders for both partner’s self-confidence and build a positive self-concept!

You don’t have to make a jungle book of your kama sutra stunts, but definitely go wild whenever and wherever you get a chance. As they say, “You don’t have a dirty mind, you have a sexy imagination! So go, sex up your sex lives, stay happy.

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