Masturbate to Sate the Mental State! Here’s why self-love is good for your mental health

By Bhakti Paun Sharma


Masturbation; while the word evokes streams of pleasure behind the doors, outside, a mere whisper of it in the conservative society leads to a mayhem. More so, when the sayer is a female. While the idea of men who masturbate is more socially accepted, the same is not the case with women. We cannot stress enough on how female masturbation remains a taboo and carries a social stigma to date, majorly because  However, slowly and steadily, women are breaking the boundaries and accepting their bodies, replete with all the pleasures. As they do so, why not explore it in a new light?

For instance, did you know that masturbation can help improve your mental health and keep it in a sated state? Yes, that’s true.

Wondering how? Zoom on the hidden virtues of this ‘forbidden’ but tempting practice, which will be a boon for your mind.

Nothing better to relax!


A stressful day, worries and shambles? How about allowing yourself a little pleasure to forget all that?

Masturbation helps to relax. In short, it replaces a cigarette or a nap! Caressing and cuddling relax both mind and body. A slow session of self-love can do the trick. When we masturbate, our brain releases endorphin, a hormone that brings a feeling of well-being. And if you reach an orgasm, the endorphin discharge is such that you will instantly feel good.

Farewell to stress


Masturbation also helps to de-stress. During your solo sessions, your brain secretes endorphins, dopamine, and oxytocin that reduce nervousness. So, during exams or when you have too much to do at work, do not hesitate, masturbate. These hormones have an anti-stress effect and post-orgasm relaxation can help to relax or sleep.

Stress has many problems attached to it, including depression, anxiety, cancer, or heart attacks. Therefore, if pleasing yourself can help reduce it, go for it.

It helps to sleep


Thank who? Thank you endorphins again. If you have trouble falling asleep, it can lead you on the right path while having fun. Just like a steamy session of sex with your partner can slide you into a deep slumber, masturbating can help you enjoy a sound sleep too.

The quickest way to be happy high


Research suggests that it takes women four minutes to reach seventh heaven by masturbating. So, we do not see any reason to deprive ourselves of this wonderful activity.

Feeling of well-being

masturbation happiness

Dopamine released during sex or masturbation is responsible for all the pleasure we feel. It has a powerful effect on your mind. It boosts self-confidence and promotes both physical and mental well-being.  

Finally, masturbating is not that complicated


If you still need reasons, here are some more facts you must know about masturbation:

  • The pleasure it provides releases endorphin, an anti-stress hormone, something that’s the best after an exhausting day.
  • In 4 minutes of masturbation, 95% of women achieve an orgasm! Sometimes more effective than sex with a partner.
  • It is an excellent painkiller. Endorphins act as an analgesic and help relieve headaches too.
Do I need to say anything more?


That’s all for now. I hope you liked the story. 

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