Lets Talk Sex!

Silly whispers, confusing questions and half-baked answers that talk about the bees and the birds. Your curiosity gets the better of you. Talk about sex is here and everywhere, more often than not covered in a veil of secrecy and exchanged with wide eyes! Get your bare basics right, the right way. Read it for yourself!

The How of ‘Sex’

Sex is not new to the world, though it may pose a thousand questions for you! Afterall, that’s how you came into this world in the first place! Much has been written and spoken about this this physiological and biological need of all human beings. Yet, since much of it is considered “adult talk” and a “forbidden fruit”, you may find access to authentic information hard to get by. Get over dreary manuals and “how-to” guides, sex is fun, and it’s your right to make sense of this phenomenon in a fun way! Here are a girl and her elder sister, just like you who are curious to know more too!

Priya: Hey Riya, did you know, I came across this magazine that talked about “getting into the mood” for sex. I wonder what that means!

Riya: Oh it’s not like the movies you know, where they’re every ready to “do it”! Unless you have your hormones raging at an all-time high (which is very unlikely), you may need to set the mood for turning on the heat! You love cuddling right? Cuddle up with your loved one, maybe light up a few candles and relax in the aromas. Get the head on!

Priya: Yeah I always love the warm glow of candles. You know what! The other day, we had our first kiss! And what a kiss it was- that warm and fuzzy feelings bowled me over! How was yours?

Riya: Don’t even start on that, kisses always get me going in the intimacy department. That’s my first step to getting physically close, and I’m sure a good kiss does the deal for an intimate session! Ohh for Hollywood that has romanticised the French kiss, with Prince Charming and all that! I guess we girls just can’t resist it! By the way, a kiss is one of the most natural ways to arouse a girl, by building a close emotional bond and enveloping her in a feeling of safety! I guess it’s a kiss or miss it!

Priya: I totally agree! But the article talked about foreplay and how to get it right! I’ve heard so much about foreplay, but a bit nervous- what will or will not work for us?

Riya: Ya, foreplay is literally that- play! So unfold the fun with Foreplay. You the way sex is portrayed these days as a “thing to be done for the sake of it”. I think there’s an old world charm about the entire act- I treat it more like a journey- discovering each other, likes, dislikes and preferences! They may tell you that foreplay is nothing but what you do before you actually have intercourse. But how that happens- frankly there’s a lot to be learnt! Kissing, fondling, stimulating your partner’s in a sexy way- the possibilities for great foreplay are endless! You are creative aren’t you, why not rake up your creativity in this department too? 😛

Priya: Lol. That’s getting me really intrigued! You sure know how to pique my curiosity. Some say, foreplay is sometimes even better than the actual act itself! Now, I wonder what’s it like to be “doing it”!

Riya: Well yes, the most common method of sex is penetrative sex. Don’t think too much about it, it would come naturally to you, after some exciting foreplay. In fact, if you and your partner are still exploring, it can be a good idea to ask, till the time you get a hang of each other’s rhythms! It’s also important to choose a position that’s comfortable to both, to minimize those awkward moments or muscle pulls! After all, you don’t want to be shouting an “ouch” rather than an ‘ahhh’! Make sure the insertion happens in a proper direction, this is the real act, when the penis enters the vagina. You know, it’s important to guide the penis straight inside, to minimize feeling ‘lost’ or pain. Thereafter, the penis penetrates deeper inside with each thrust. I can assure you it’s an SEXperience, a raunchy ride!

Priya: Wow! Looks like a ride indeed! But how do I know it’s done? Surely there would be no alarm to indicate time up!

Riya: That’s called the climax- that’s when the penis ejaculates. It’s also called orgasm, it’s the ultimate blissful destination for your body! Enjoy this state of elation, with your bodies all charged up mind in a blank state! A precious moment is born, share the purity of this moment by just holding each other.

Priya: Hmmm. This really helps, I am less apprehensive about this undercover word now! And frankly I feel more confident of taking it on!

Riya: Remember, whatever you do, sex must be about feeling good about yourself and your partner, it is about two loving people exploring a whole new world of pleasure and intimacy! Now, the whole world is enjoying it, why shouldn’t you, provided it’s the right way J


“Dr. Vivek Arora is an advisory doctor for SheAndYou, providing invaluable practical insights on matters of female wellness for our column. He is a keen propagator of health awareness and volunteers to create and validate content that benefits our readers.”

Dr. Vivek Arora completed MBBS (1999) and MS (2003) from the renowned Maulana Azad Medical College, New Delhi and enjoys contributing content to medical journals towards educating people on health and wellbeing. No wonder he is known as the “doctor who writes”!

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