Is Bikini Wax A Health Hazard?

By Preeti Juneja

Bikini wax has been around for many years, but has gained more popularity lately. There are all kinds of shapes and styles of bikini wax, differentiating it from the famous Brazilian wax, a Hollywood style, G-string wax, or ‘High’ bikini. Women are opting for it more and more, over a razor or trimmer or hair removal creams. That raises a concern in our minds. In the long run, how healthy is it?

It is a hygienically clean way to keep unwanted hair at bay. Unlike, shaving or using a depilatory cream, bikini wax delays the hair growth to 3-4 weeks and, the new growth is a smoother and thinner texture. Waxing exfoliates skin and remove lifeless skin cells. It frees the delicate area of any cuts or wounds. It is preferred for a smoother skin and a longer lasting result.

Brazen Bikini Wax Facts!

We agree that it is always fun to stroll around wearing your bikini swimsuit without hesitation or even try risqué styles with it. However, like all good things, bikini wax has its own limitations.

  • It is painful. The coarser the hair the more painful waxing is.
  • It can disrupt the follicle, causing slight tears and wounds in every follicle as the hair is pulled out.
  • It may leave strange bumps like zits along the labia.
  • It may lead to a Bacterial Vaginosis, Fungal or Urinary Tract Infection through open skin abrasion.
  • There are more chances of infection with bacteria seeping into damaged follicles. To the extent that you may need antibiotic treatment if this occurs.
  • When body is open to all kinds of infections, Sexually Transmitted Infections are common.

Do note that even though bikini wax is a common phenomenon, it isn’t necessarily recommended. In the sensitive vaginal area, the opening is lined by very delicate tissues which require protection from allergens, irritants, pollutants and infectious microbes. The pubic hairs act like a protective barrier. Pulling it out from the roots forcibly can not only be very traumatic but can cause great danger in form of infections. Some doctors don’t even shave the pubic hair before surgery, but they only clip the hair to keep it aside.

Which Bikini Wax Should You Choose?

  • Go to a salon where hygiene is well maintained
  • Use wax that is specifically designed for bikini area.
  • Use a soothing cream to protect skin before waxing
  • How much to wax is also something to ponder about. Leave a small triangle of hair behind to act as a natural barrier between the genital skin mucous membranes and harmful microorganisms.
  • Rejuvenate the area by applying medicated cream post waxing.
  • It will take 24 to 48 hours for your skin to heal and for follicles to close so avoid sex immediately after waxing.
  • You should opt for a laser pubic hair removal procedure from a qualified practitioner. This does not cause skin trauma if done well and is pretty low maintenance.

Grooming is a very important aspect of life. But nothing matters more than how you carry yourself confidently in any situation or place. If bikini wax is your regular and only method for keeping clean down-there, then you may want to reconsider. Do try out other options.

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