By Bhakti Paun Sharma

The English have landed

This phrase caught quite some momentum in the 18th-century France, when the British army was waging a war on them. It was a funny and dark take on the colour of the English uniform, which was red, and later went on to become a phrase for menstruating women. Well, why not? After all, there is literally a war going on inside us during that time of the month; physically and emotionally, as every position becomes a struggle and not even the charms of hunky Bollywood dudes such as Vicky Kaushal and Siddharth Chaturvedi aka MC Sher can’t subside the discomfort. However, what if we tell you that there was one solution to overcome it all, and that lay in busting an age-old myth?



We are talking about orgasm, a simple and pleasurable way to get rid of that menstruation pain, and do that by shunning the shame and stigma that has been built around masturbation during menstruation. No need to fidget. Sit back, relax as our expert is going drop some juicy bombs for you.

The best way to go on about your body is to befriend it and learn to live with it in a loving manner. Acquaint yourself with your hormones which cause your periods and even lead to a sharp rise in sexual appetite! Masturbation during menstruation can not only sate that sexual urge but also help calm down those terrible cramps. To validate that, we’ve got you special inputs from our expert gynecologist Sulbha Arora Bijur.


Masturbation during periods is nothing to be ashamed of. Thus, there is no need for you to suppress those urges if you feel like as it has no adverse effects. On the other hand, it relaxes your body during its most tumultuous period (pun intended). In fact, did you know there is a link between masturbation and period cramps? Endorphins released during an orgasm accentuate the pleasure felt by the body. It thus works as a distraction and is more like a green signal on red alert days.


Fingering and using a sex toy are the techniques that are absolutely fine as long as you are enjoying it. If insertion causes discomfort, do away with it and try clitoral stimulation. Or even simpler – humping.

Humping is one of the best techniques to masturbate during periods. No mess, no extra washing and cleaning and no pre-prep required. Just get your favourite pillow or towel out and rub it off. A word of caution for those using menstrual cups – you might want to check and adjust the position of your cups after the act.


However, there are a few things that you should keep in mind while pleasuring yourself during the periods. Although there are low to nil chances of infection, still, make sure that your hands and even your sex toys are thoroughly washed and cleaned before and after the act, if you try insertion techniques. Also, even though a lubricant may not be needed, still, if you feel the need for some extra friction, use water-based lubricants.


So the next time you find someone frowning at the idea of a pleasure-full and pain-free period, tell them that it’s backed by experts.

This Maysturbation month, take a vow to befriend your hormones and break the rules. Remember:

When life gives you a menstruation, amp it up with masturbation.

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