The other night I was browsing Netflix to figure out the next show I could binge watch. And it captured my attention. Like a fly in a spider’s web. It said ‘Sex Education’ in really big bold letters. A new show launched on Netflix. That’s how sex education should be. Unabashedly bold. I watched the entire season 1 in a few nights, and this is why I think every teenager, their mom and pop must watch this.


What is the show about

‘Sex Education’ is the aptest name for this freshly launched original by Netflix, especially because it tackles all sex-related drama in its pyjamas. What we mean is, the show captures the essence of sex related and intimate relationship issues any teenager (and even adult) goes through. From erectile dysfunction to vaginismus to gay / lesbian relationships to romantic interactions – the entire eco-system of our sexual life cycle has been dealt with in a matured, dignified way.


The story revolves around an introvert, shy teenager Otis dealing with intimacy issues himself, but goes on to starts a sex clinic to counsel his schoolmates, on their relationship and sexual problems. Epic.

Style and Substance

Very British, not sexist and it handles the subject in a cool, dignified manner through interesting plots. No qualms about openly discussing sex-related subjects, through characters. In a nutshell, very interesting.

Why do we recommend it?

  • Sex Education, the right way: Sex education, especially in teenagers is soooo critical, but it can get awkward for parents and teenagers to really open up to each other. So this show does a good job of addressing all communication issues
  • Relatable and Real: The audience can relate to the characters and stories and their real problems have. For instance, the time when Eric, Otis’s gay friend cross-dresses for his birthday and is attacked by homophobic men. Post that, he refuses to cross-dress again. However, he rediscovers his true self and is not afraid to face it, and dresses the way he wants – colourful and gay, literally. It is a beautiful show of how the characters evolve and mature through their life problems.
  • Myth Busting: It busts many myths and sets the right expectations around the topic of sex. Right from going in details about a female’s vagina, to the emotional stress a boy goes through, it does not hype or create illusions about sex.
  • FAQ for teens: The show can address a lot of doubts, queries and myths about sexual health in adults or teenagers, without getting preachy, judgmental or vague.
  • Helps sex-positivity: It helps create a sex-positive environment, helps create a level of respect for one’s sexuality and dissociates the feeling of shame from sexual problems.

We don’t want to give away too much, because this one’s a classic. Don’t give it a miss and do share with your buddies.

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