Cuddling with Candles

Nothing says romance quite like candles. Whether they are being used for an intimate dinner, a relaxing bath or to enhance the atmosphere in a cozy bedroom setting, the soft flickering light of candles creates an ambience that is undeniably romantic.
Candles generate happy moods by helping release the stress-buster hormone called oxytocin, a sure-fire way to set the mood for some intimate moments. Add to that a bit of cuddling and you have the perfect setting for a romantic evening with your partner.
Choosing The Right Candles

There’s so much out there, how do you select the best fuzzy warm lights for your special night?
The Right Shape: Do red hearts make you feel mushy or do the serene white peaceful roses set your pulses racing? Candles come all shapes and sizes – it’s up to you and your partner to choose what turns you’ll on

The Right Colour: Red and maroon, pink and white – colors say a thousand things. Candles not only enhance the mood with aroma but also visually elevate the setting. So bring in those colors for a night (or day) of a party of the senses

The Right Fragrance: The sweet succulent streams of vanilla are known to increase sexual stimulation in women. And musk is said to resemble the smell of male pheromones – drawing women towards men. Pick your scent from the myriad fragrances of jasmine, ylang- ylang, patchouli, even peppermint and get close and cuddly.

Just a single candle can add a touch of romance to an otherwise ordinary setting. When true love is in the air, everything looks brighter, tastes sweeter and feels better.

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