Cake by the Ocean! 6 Tips to Turn the Heat on at the Beaches

Sea, Sun, and Sex! While you may go ‘yikes’ at the sound of it; with the thoughts of all the sand entering places you wouldn’t want to, but once you get the hang of it and do it the right way, sex on the beach is the most seductive experience you can have. Not to forget that it is the most popular fantasy too. None gets riled by the sound of the wild; waves of course. Imagine; you two, tangled after the steam of the session, under the sultry sun. Sigh! A bliss, indeed. 

But, but, but, as we said, if you want to sweat in the sand, you need to follow certain tips and tricks. So here is a handy manual for you to get your beach game on, just the way you like it.

#1 Dunes or rocks?


Comfortable and discreet; the choice of place is essential! You can choose to sneak amidst the sensual roughness of the rocks or move towards the dunes. The most exhibitionist will favour a place a little more visible on the beach. However, make sure that you are hidden well enough to not disturb and not get disturbed as well. 

#2 Time is the key


If you wish to enjoy uninterrupted sex, choose the right time. After all, you wouldn’t want kids walking in to fetch their frisbies while you are reaching your peak. That would be the biggest buster. Choose midnight, or the wee hours before sunrise. 

#3 Dress for easy access


Easy access is not only best when you want a quickie, but also good for the beach. Skirts for women and shorts for men are the best if you are not into swimwear. A sarong is yet another option to keep in mind. Comes of easily, sliding on the skin; if you know what we mean. *winks*

#4 Beware of the grains of sand


Repeat after us: sand gets in wherever it has access. On the beach, it’s your number one erotic enemy! To avoid any inconvenience in the intimate folds, a very large towel, sheet or sarong will be your best bet.

#5 Pro tip


No towel or beach mat? But you are surely horny as hell to get your hands on each other? Try the doggy style! Not only will you avoid the sand but you might also be able to witness the sea, sunset/sunrise while making love.

#6 Take a swim to remove all the sand


Once the session is over, you will certainly have sand everywhere; though not in awkward body spaces if you followed the above-mentioned tips. “Coastal wind + Sweat + Sand = Hello damage”. So to clean up and finish this romantic getaway in style, take a good swim. Go skinny dipping!

Follow all of the above, and you’d never forget these delicious bites of cake by the ocean, we assure. 

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