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Relationship between Infertility, its Treatment and Cancers

As of today, almost 1 in 10 couples are affected by infertility in varying degrees. There are a


By Bhakti Paun Sharma The big day has arrived! The day you’ve been preparing for so long, when


It’s a breastfeeding week and breastfeeding is an important part of menstrual health and hygiene of women. So,

Ditch vanilla! 8 more masturbation positions to give you the best orgasm ever

Fickle is fun, especially in the bedroom. From condoms to sex positions, while plain vanilla is good at

Talking sex with your daughter: Here’s how to initiate the difficult yet essential conversation

Indian subcontinent populace, popularly known as the ‘desi’ populace is known to be extremely reluctant when it comes

Children and Consent: How it should be taught right from the start

The year 2016 gave us a very important movie, ‘Pink’. It was important in the sense that it

7 erotic novels to notch up your not-so-guilty pleasure

By Bhakti Paun Sharma With the progression of time, numerous new authors, genres, and titles have made space

Cake by the Ocean! 6 Tips to Turn the Heat on at the Beaches

Sea, Sun, and Sex! While you may go ‘yikes’ at the sound of it; with the thoughts of

4 GOT Positions That’ll Not Leave You High and Dry Like the Last Season

By Bhakti Paun Sharma Sex, war, and a quest for megalomaniac power; this is what defines one of


By Bhakti Paun Sharma Durex recently conducted a survey, and the result of which stated that nearly 70%


By Bhakti Paun Sharma The English have landed This phrase caught quite some momentum in the 18th-century France,

Masturbate to Sate the Mental State! Here’s why self-love is good for your mental health

By Bhakti Paun Sharma   Masturbation; while the word evokes streams of pleasure behind the doors, outside, a

Vagina-plomb! 9 Self-care practices to keep Ms Vee-Vee in the pink of health

By Bhakti Paun Sharma We do a plethora of stuff to keep our face and body in perfect

Masturbation and Music: An M&M more sweet and sensory than the original

By Bhakti Paun Sharma Isn’t it surreal how music accompanies us in every moment of our life? It

Expert Speaks: Does masturbation affect a person’s virginity?

By Bhakti Paun Sharma Masturbation, specifically female masturbation, is a territory less explored and mostly forbidden. As a

Fingering out the benefits of female masturbation

By Bhakti Paun Sharma Women and masturbation; there was a time when all hell would have broken loose

#BreaktheHate! Just Masturbate

By Kadambari Srivastava When ‘Veere Di Wedding’ hit the screen, it seemed like a harmless flick on friendship.

How I chose to give my body to a man at my own pace.

I am a big fan of romance. Whether it is novels or movies, I believe in ‘a happily

7 Bollywood films that redefined romance

If you are from the Gen X series of the ’90s, you would remember how romance and sexuality

“What’s age got to do with sex?” – An interview with Kiran Manral

When we say ‘age no bar’, mind you, that rule applies to sex as well. Who said that


Orgasms are very important for women’s sexual health, so here’s a little sex education for you and your

Spice up your sex drive with these 6 daily foods!

There are foods that can boost your immune system, there are foods that can help you lose weight

Wait, what? Female Sexual Dysfunction is real? – Part 2

In the previous article we looked at the ‘types and the conditions that cause Female Sexual Dysfunction (FSD).’

Wait, what? Female Sexual Dysfunction is real? Part 1

You spend a beautiful evening with your partner and you both head home to enjoy a night out together. Back in

Sex is not a dirty word!

Why we need to create a sex-positive society By Payal Shah Karwa   Back in 1991, when Kamasutra

Medical insurance for infertility treatment: the first step towards Empathy

Infertility is fast becoming a huge concern in India. With 30 million infertile couples currently, it is estimated

Try these 6 foods and bid irregular periods a goodbye!

Food and girls have been trolled way too much on the internet and even an American healthy snack

6 Foods to ease PMS symptoms

You’re in a bad mood. You are bloated. You are feeling low and you have some crazy food

Why do you experience severe pain during period?

Do you experience excruciating pain in your abdomen and back during period? Do you vomit or faint during

She And You with Ayurveda

Women’s Health has always been a topic that has been discussed behind closed doors. When looking for solutions

The Story of Lust Stories

The films I directed were the ones submitted as part of my BMM projects. The films I produced

Pregnancy Loss – It’s not you, its science!

One out of 5-6 pregnancies end in miscarriage that is pregnancy is lost. If it happens 3 times

Celebrate Sexual Health on World Sex Day!

Let us tell you something which probably your mother or sister never told you. Sex is critical for

All you need to know about PCOS

Our lifestyles in this day and age, are packed with multiple health hazards. There is, of course, junk-food

Non-smoker? You can still lose your baby to smoking.

Second-Hand Smoking Also Kills You might not be a puffer, but second-hand smoke is equally dangerous. Second-hand smoke

“The Doctors Should Increase Sexual Awareness,” Dr Jumani

There is an increased conversation around sex, that is definitely true. However, what is even more important, is

“Navratri allowed the rare opportunity to meet people from the opposite sex,” Dr Sulbha Arora

Navratri is here full-blown and we couldn’t be more excited. However, the festival, for the past few years

The Sensitive Portrayal of Rape Scenes in Bollywood vs The Crass 90s

Does the movie Raja Babu starring Govinda and Karisma Kapoor in the 90s, ring a bell? Yes, the

Period Hacks For Avid Travellers

 By Poonam Kapoor I still remember the day my ten year old was getting ready for an overnight

Is Bikini Wax A Health Hazard?

By Preeti Juneja Bikini wax has been around for many years, but has gained more popularity lately. There

Porn & Its Wonderful Pros and Cons

By Preeti Juneja Why porn, you ask? There is nothing wrong with it, as long as you know

Sex Education and How To Approach It: An Interview with Niyatii Shah

‘Sex education teaches us how to have safe sex’. Popular thought, YES. But what part of it this

Bad Case of Morning Sickness? Here are a few homemade hacks

By Team She & You True, having a baby is a unique experience of life. But if there is

What It Is Like To Defecate In the Open – A City Girl’s Saga In A Village Without Toilets

It is midnight but there is a lot of bustle at the next-door cinema. People are thronging to

Sex Facts – Decoding The Emergency Pill

Knowing when to use emergency pills The sun is piercing through the window waking you up and the flashes

Will Lipstick Under My Burkha trigger talks about women’s sexual health?

We remember the day when the release of the critically acclaimed, ‘Lipstick Under My Burkha’ was announced (after

Podcast: Harish Iyer Talks About Issues Highlighted In Lipstick Under My Burkha

I don’t think this has been taken up in Indian cinema. In our society, is sexuality with elders

Tantric sex – the latest fad In town

It was the end of December when my friend from Sweden wanted to buy a specific gift for

From Porn to Actual Sex – why we should express more and hide less

Dr Ishmeet Nagpal When I was a teenager living in a hostel, we used to flock around our

11 Types of Condoms To Spice Up Your Sex Life

Team She and You If there is libido in the air, a scent of naughtiness and sex drive

10 Foreplay Ideas Your Boyfriend Should Know About

By Preeti Juneja As the legend goes, a person thinks about sex or something related to it, every

Experiencing Pain With Penetration? It Could Be Vaginismus

By Team She & You Who would have predicted that my perfect honeymoon was going to end on such

Top five Tell-All Signs of Pregnancy

Missed your period and now sure whether or not you are pregnant? This reminds me of a very

The Lipstick Under My, Your and Our Burkhas

Dreams are fickle, you know – they are either momentary, long forgotten or are the flaming lighthouse in

Let’s celebrate menstrual hygiene day with ‘green periods’!

Remember those terrible times when your Moms or Grandmoms used a unhygienic cloth made from old cotton sarees

What? Abortion is legal?

ISHMEET NAGPAL At a conference organised by NGO SAMYAK that I attended last year, I was struck by

Busting Myths of the morning-after pill

ISHMEET NAGPAL I had a roommate in college who was popping emergency pills about thrice a month. I

Before you plan to have sex, read this.

Unlike cliched movie scenes where the leading lady collapses and discovers in a flush of delight that she

What is Safe Sex?

Staying safe is a basic human right. Especially when it comes to something as intimate as sex. The

What’s Your Type?

All women come with their own unique quirks. Our body type or shape is one of those. It

The Hymen – Myths and Legends Unravelled

In several cultures, a woman’s ‘chastity’ is determined by her hymen. Here we have a compiled list of

All you need to know about popping the pill

As with everything related to sex, contraception is something no one talks openly about. Contraception is something every

Visiting a gynec for the first time? Go prepared

A majority of women are not comfortable talking about their private parts or issues related to genital health,

Vaginal Discharge – Yes, it happens to all women

You must have noticed a sticky white substance/ stain on your underwear. This is nothing but the fluid

Period. No actually, there is more than one kind

‘It’s that time of the month’ – a phrase that people of both genders dread. For men, it

Getting the act right!

We have all grown up in a closed culture where to refer to two people ‘doing it’ conjures

All you need to know about bras!

Bras are your breasts’ best friends. If you are reading this and going “Really?”, read on and you

All about perfect timing – ovulation cycles

Ovulation is more commonly known as an opportunity for conception. It’s the monthly release of an egg from

Aw, that cramp!

For a majority of women, that time of the month = dreaded menstrual cramps. Menstrual cramps also known

How to wear sanitary pads – the right way!

Unsure about how to wear a sanitary napkin? Here’s a quick look at doing it the right way!

Seven rules for a healthy intimate routine

The moment you hit puberty, everything seems to change. Your body transforms without a warning, leaving you gawky

Essential Oils To Up the Romance Quotient

“Sex is a feast for the senses”. And the first thing to attract our attention is usually, smell.

Cuddling with Candles

Nothing says romance quite like candles. Whether they are being used for an intimate dinner, a relaxing bath

Trouble down under?

“How are things down there?”, said no one ever. Why? This is because we always ask about a

Sanitary Napkins: What’s that pad about?

As women, we all have one distinct memory which is very clear, even years later. The one about

Mutual Masturbation – The Secret to a Spiced up Sex Life!

PREETI JUNEJA Meet Kiran. She is a successful production assistant who’s been living with her boyfriend, Jay, an


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Listen to this humdinger of an episode of LSD (Love, Sex, Dating), India’s first podcast on…..well…love, sex and

Why Sex is Good for Relationships

WHY SEX IS GOOD FOR RELATIONSHIPS No, not everyone knows why sex is important in a relationship. For

Why Do You Menstruate?

Why Do We Menstruate I recall the first time I got my periods. I was about fourteen and

How to master the art of conception

All About Conceiving Trying to get pregnant but not getting the dates, the position or the mood in

Hot and Hep in Hipsters

Hot and hep with hipsters As you walk into the lingerie stores, all the lingericious jargon seems to

Get groomed and get groovy

Are you confused about all the fuss around body grooming? Whether it is the bare basic intimate grooming

Bliss of a Bralette

The Bliss of a Bralette Every girl has a time when the very thought of being held in

Safe Sex Way or the Highway

Sex is a universal truth, everyone engages in it and enjoys it! Yet this very pleasurable experience may

Pregnancy Test Basics

When you have sexual intercourse, and if it leads to the union of the sperm and the egg,

Bust the Myths-Period

Bust the Myths-Period In spite of being a normal, physiological process, period talk is a big no-no. Most

Lets Talk Sex!

Silly whispers, confusing questions and half-baked answers that talk about the bees and the birds. Your curiosity gets

Four types of Sex – An article by Devdutt Patnaik

Hindu texts often declare that the four goals of human life are dharma (ethics), artha (wealth), kama (pleasure),

An interview with a She Cup

The town has certainly been abuzz about the new girl on the block – the She-Cup. All we

First Bra for Budding Babes

“A good friend is like a good bra- hard to find, very comfortable, supportive, and always close to

Demystifying Menopause

The life of a woman is full of complexities (as she is too!), a world of wonderment that

The female condom demystified.

The market is flooded with varied contraceptive methods! You would surely be baffled, trying to understand what’s best

Your Breast Friends

When you start growing from, what they say, a girl to a woman, your breasts begin to show

Oh my G!

Do you love unravelling mysteries, especially so when they’re all about you? Here’s the perfect challenge, it’s about