Menstruation to Menopause

From menarche to menopause, from  birth canals to breastfeeding, all about your reproductive life cycle!


By Bhakti Paun Sharma The English have landed This phrase caught quite some momentum in the 18th-century France,

Period. End of Sentence wins Oscar for Best Documentary Short Subject

(This post is courtesy: SheThePeople.TV The award for Best Documentary Short Subject goes to “Period. End of Sentence.” The

Wait, what? Female Sexual Dysfunction is real? – Part 2

In the previous article we looked at the ‘types and the conditions that cause Female Sexual Dysfunction (FSD).’

Wait, what? Female Sexual Dysfunction is real? Part 1

You spend a beautiful evening with your partner and you both head home to enjoy a night out together. Back in

Medical insurance for infertility treatment: the first step towards Empathy

Infertility is fast becoming a huge concern in India. With 30 million infertile couples currently, it is estimated

Try these 6 foods and bid irregular periods a goodbye!

Food and girls have been trolled way too much on the internet and even an American healthy snack

6 Foods to ease PMS symptoms

You’re in a bad mood. You are bloated. You are feeling low and you have some crazy food

Why do you experience severe pain during period?

Do you experience excruciating pain in your abdomen and back during period? Do you vomit or faint during

She And You with Ayurveda

Women’s Health has always been a topic that has been discussed behind closed doors. When looking for solutions

Pregnancy Loss – It’s not you, its science!

One out of 5-6 pregnancies end in miscarriage that is pregnancy is lost. If it happens 3 times

All you need to know about PCOS

Our lifestyles in this day and age, are packed with multiple health hazards. There is, of course, junk-food

Non-smoker? You can still lose your baby to smoking.

Second-Hand Smoking Also Kills You might not be a puffer, but second-hand smoke is equally dangerous. Second-hand smoke

Period Hacks For Avid Travellers

 By Poonam Kapoor I still remember the day my ten year old was getting ready for an overnight

Bad Case of Morning Sickness? Here are a few homemade hacks

By Team She & You True, having a baby is a unique experience of life. But if there is

Sex Facts – Decoding The Emergency Pill

Knowing when to use emergency pills The sun is piercing through the window waking you up and the flashes

Top five Tell-All Signs of Pregnancy

Missed your period and now sure whether or not you are pregnant? This reminds me of a very

Let’s celebrate menstrual hygiene day with ‘green periods’!

Remember those terrible times when your Moms or Grandmoms used a unhygienic cloth made from old cotton sarees

What? Abortion is legal?

ISHMEET NAGPAL At a conference organised by NGO SAMYAK that I attended last year, I was struck by

All you need to know about popping the pill

As with everything related to sex, contraception is something no one talks openly about. Contraception is something every

Period. No actually, there is more than one kind

‘It’s that time of the month’ – a phrase that people of both genders dread. For men, it

All about perfect timing – ovulation cycles

Ovulation is more commonly known as an opportunity for conception. It’s the monthly release of an egg from

Aw, that cramp!

For a majority of women, that time of the month = dreaded menstrual cramps. Menstrual cramps also known

How to wear sanitary pads – the right way!

Unsure about how to wear a sanitary napkin? Here’s a quick look at doing it the right way!

Sanitary Napkins: What’s that pad about?

As women, we all have one distinct memory which is very clear, even years later. The one about

Why Do You Menstruate?

Why Do We Menstruate I recall the first time I got my periods. I was about fourteen and

How to master the art of conception

All About Conceiving Trying to get pregnant but not getting the dates, the position or the mood in

Pregnancy Test Basics

When you have sexual intercourse, and if it leads to the union of the sperm and the egg,

Bust the Myths-Period

Bust the Myths-Period In spite of being a normal, physiological process, period talk is a big no-no. Most

An interview with a She Cup

The town has certainly been abuzz about the new girl on the block – the She-Cup. All we

Demystifying Menopause

The life of a woman is full of complexities (as she is too!), a world of wonderment that