4 GOT Positions That’ll Not Leave You High and Dry Like the Last Season

By Bhakti Paun Sharma

Sex, war, and a quest for megalomaniac power; this is what defines one of the most magnificent shows of HBO, Game of Thrones. The show that started off with much fanfare, had an edge which increased with every season, and was no less than the seven erogenous zones steadily leading to an orgasmic finish. Sadly, the last season left all the fans high and dry, just like a session that started off great but ended on an extremely disappointing note. However, the show will forever be remembered for its rich character arcs and situational details in the grand historical universe that it presented. But, apart from that, it will also be remembered for the steamy and scorching sexual escapades that it presented. Boy, they surely had us sweating and played a part in getting us in the mood.

While the last season may not have given us the ultimate fruit of fantasy that we anticipated, the show overall has given us sexcapades and sex positions to spice up our life between the sheets. 

So, here are our suggestions, a la GOT way. Takes notes, ladies and gentlemen; the temperature’s about to hit the roof.

An Icy Drip a la The Night King


Well, he may be the undead who died, but there was an appeal about the icy cold king. Imagine the coolness of skin against skin, dripping with frozen ice. Trippy, yes. Scary, check. However, not so much if the person in play is your partner. Lots of ice and condoms with cooling effect will add spice to the settings of wet sheets.

Go all the way standing against the white walls, or use your shower as a prop, with ice thrown in for effect. While the literal character may have terrored everyone out of their wits, our imagination surely is up for something more.

Slick like the Unsullied


Well, well. While the Unsullied may have been castrated, but one thing that they are truly slick with is the art of oral. Going down is the way forward. Unsullied are great at taking orders too. So, if you are the one who wants to play the game of dominance and submission in bed, this is the perfect GOT mantra to follow. After all, what can be better than the aggression of war coming to bed, with a furious passion setting the pace? Use leather belts, spank to sass up, and sweat it all out with each other as you pant your way up to an orgasm never felt before. Dress up vintage, to add a flavour.

Ride the Stallion


Daenerys may have been a demure and scared bride when the ferocious Khal Drogo first took her virginity, but with time, the two developed a sexual intimacy which set the tents on fire. Why not? She was the mother of dragons; and this dragon queen rode the stallion that Drogo is with a fierce urgency which you bring to the bedroom. Raw, passionate, urgent, riding the stallion will bring out the animal inside you as you claw on to your partner, driving both of you crazy. Rear entry or reverse cowgirl; go all the way in to come all the way out. Tug, pull, scratch; this is no position to be coy at.

Arch on the Iron Throne


Go skin to skin on the cold iron of the throne everyone was fighting for. Give a new twist to the iconic chair position with this metallic touch as your bodies fuse together with an urgent fervour. Why not be the woman on top here and have a steamy session post lunch? Bonus point: This position also gives maximum access to your clit, with perfect strokes intensifying your pleasure.

Do it all, and do it with a touch of extra; fierce, hot, urgent. GOT season may have left the fans high and dry, but you wouldn’t want that, would you?

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