10 Foreplay Ideas Your Boyfriend Should Know About

By Preeti Juneja

As the legend goes, a person thinks about sex or something related to it, every 7 seconds. That is not a small amount of time, ladies, and gentlemen. So it is safe to assume, most of us really like doing it. And if you like us, and can’t wait for the next time, you should meet our friend – foreplay. One of the most recommended tools to enhance your sex life, we bring to you 10 foreplay tips and you can thank us later for an unforgettable night with your girl!

  •  Get Dirty With Your Talk

Foreplay doesn’t need to be physical. Perhaps you can whisper naughty ideas for the bedroom before you go in. The trailer before the actual session can bring the excitement up several notches!


  • Give Her a Sensual Massage

Figure out her erogenous zones and gently massage those areas. This will help her relax and get her in the mood. Start with the nape of her neck and go all the way down to her knees!

  • The Lip and Ear Formula

Bite her lips slowly and sensually and gently pull them to turn her on. Remember, the softer and gentler you are, the more she’s going to love it! Her ears are extremely sensitive so spend some time kissing and licking them. Breathe gently into her earlobes while your fingers you play with her lips!


  • Don’t Be Predictable

Who doesn’t love surprises! Try undressing her slowly and kissing her entire body along the way. Unhook her bra with just one hand and watch her be pleasantly surprised. The trick is to read her responses and improve each time!

  •  Multitask, Multitask and Multitask!

Multitasking is not only for the boardroom, try to implement it with your girl as well. Use your tongue, hands, fingers, and feet together to touch her in different places. This will surely get her to moan for sure!

  •  Going Down Is A Part Of Foreplay

Now, here’s a classic. If you haven’t hit the jackpot with either one of the above, we are ready to reveal the winner to you. One of the best foreplay tips is to lick her clitoris with the tip of your tongue. Start gently and keep increasing your tempo if you notice her liking it.

  •  Get Kinky

If your sex life needs some naughty spice, think creative! Perhaps you can get a pair of handcuffs, dress up for roleplay or indulge in sexy music or strip dance for her! Think out of the box and you’ll be surprised at the response!

  •  Perfect that Gaze

Eyes are the gateway to the soul, they say. Look your girl in the eye while making love and experience another level of pleasure. Even during foreplay, keep coming back and look her in the eye to make her feel special.

  • Make her Beg!

Kissing unexpected areas or licking her inner things are ways to drive any woman wild. Remember to move up without touching her vagina for maximum effect!

  •  Master the art of kissing

Women love passionate kisses throughout lovemaking so don’t withhold your affectionate pecks. Your act will be thoughtful and if you do it right, she might just return the gesture!

 So, in case you think it is just some red wine and roses to guarantee your partner’s satisfaction, think again. Try these foreplay ideas on her and watch those sessions get hotter day by day!

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